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Automatic Meter Reading
The Maryville Water Department has nearly completed conversion of its water meters to automatic meter reading (AMR) capability. We're already reading over 75% of our meters quickly, efficiently, and accurately using the latest in AMR technology.

The automatic meter reading system enables us to save money every year in meter reading costs. Along with some other changes we're working on, we'll be able to provide our customers with better information about water use, more accurate billings, and keep rates as low as we can.

Improved Efficiency
Many utilities are using AMR as a way of improving customer service while reducing the cost of reading meters. Because the AMR system greatly reduces our meter reading and meter maintenance costs, the system will pay for itself very quickly, so there will be no charge to existing customers and no rate increase to cover the cost of the project.

The Village of Maryville has chosen an AMR system that uses miniature radio transmitters attached to the water meter. We are able to collect the readings from handheld radio receivers while walking or from moving vehicles. With this process, one driver in a truck is able to read more meters in one day than our previous staff could. And there won't be nearly as many problems from snow and meters that are hard to get to.

The Village of Maryville